Netgear Range Extenders

Netgear range extenders are very good in terms of providing extended wireless range. Setup page : 

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Tplink Range Extenders

You can setup your Tplink extender using WPS button found on the router & extender.

Setup Page :

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Linksys repeaters

Linksys repeater can be used as a wired router as well as a range extender.

Setup Page :

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AmpedWireless Range extenders

AmpedWireless is known to provide high power range with there extenders.

Setup Page :

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Belkin Range Extenders

Belkin is one of the biggest company and the oldest to provide good products.

Setup Page : belkin.range

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Dlink WiFi Repeaters

Dlink provides a good range of extenders with easy and quick setup.

Setup Page : dlinkap.local


Netgear Extender Setup -

Here is a video to setup your Netgear Extender - 

  • Unbox your New Netgear extender and plug it in the wall outlet.
  • Now Press & Hold the WPS button on the Range extender and the router.
  • Once the WPS lights are stable on both the router and extender you can use the new repeater.

( This was a quick . setup guide using WPS button, Watch the official Netgear Video on how to setup your extender.)

Dlink EXTENDER SETUP - Dlinkap.local

In this Video you will find a detailed setup guide for Dlink range Extenders -

  • Dlink extender is simple device with minimal functionality to provide you what the name standes for that is range extender.
  • You can manage your extender on this . website : Dlinkap.local

( Video will explain steps to follow when setting up your range extender. )


This vide explains few important steps to setup your AmpedWireless Extenders -

  • Setting up a range . extender sometimes can be very tricky if you do not follow the steps correctly.
  • Amped Wireless setup guide comes with a setup guide to provide you finest piece of technology.